Bart Blankman was born in Wormerveer, The Netherlands and grew up in Koog aan de Zaan. He started his career in 2006 when he bought his first set of dj equipment. Bart started off with vinyl players, playing various genres to figure out which style was matching best to his personality. He came from the harder styles and went eclectic. In 2009 Bart moved to Amsterdam to live next to his dj duo partner and learn more about music production. He started to play more Latin and deephouse sounding sets which led to his current Organic and Melodic House style. He mixes in sounds from bass guitar, percussion and piano combined with electronic beats, vocals and synths.

After playing in different duo names like Dennis Hercules & Bart Bass and Craftmen, he desired to continue solo as Bart Blankman. He likes to work together with musicians to give his productions different influences. 

Bart prefers to play longer sets in order to tell a full story through his music – starting slow, bringing it up to a groovy level, and eventually ending with a bang.